Free mediation information

For a better understanding of the mediation activity, of the advantages to this procedure as well as of the profession of mediator, the Mediator Bureau Valerica Ciupitu holds free information sessions for all persons interested.

When can one refer to a mediator?

Even if you are in the middle of a lawsuit or thinking of filing one, it’s best you found out as much as possible about the options you have when referring to a mediator for the resolution of your conflicts.

Information is free of charge

In the process of being informed, all you need to do is allocate the necessary time to meet with a mediator and have a dialogue based on questions and answers, in a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere.

What information can you obtain?

You will find out details about:
-rights in mediation
-the mediator’s role
-the mediation procedure
-many other interesting things that can even help you resolve day to day disagreements.

Those interested can refer with confidence to our mediator office for information and details concerning this new alternative to lawsuits.
You can also send us your questions at the following e-mail address: or contact us directly at 0727060670/0213109288- mediator Valerica Ciupitu.

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  1. Iata ca am gasit acesta pagina despre Free mediation informationArta Medierii, cautand despre
    maramu. Acum iti spun ca faci treaba super.
    poate vrei sa cunosti si pagina o pagina despre maramures.
    Mult succes

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