Emotional Intelligence

As a sequel to the article ,,Techniques for resolving conflict- Empathy” we will discuss about emotional intelligence, as a defining component that a mediator must have in his activity.

Emotional intelligence implies being empathic

Emotional intelligence is a component that people acquire at birth and that each one further develops or not over his lifetime. Emotional intelligence implies being empathic and having the capability to discover and correctly interpret emotional reactions.

To understand what discovering and interpreting emotions and emotional reactions means,we illustrate trough situations we encounter in life:
- exams, written papers, graduation,driving school, getting a degree
-giving birth

A fine examiner that has this capability of detecting or interpreting emotions and emotional reactions, can notice how prepared you are or, for example, your attempts of cheating on an exam. When we were all students, we could observe these things in the professors that supervised us during exams.

In a mediator’s case, this is a very important quality that many people, be they mediators, lawyers, experts and so on, did not develop.

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